What to expect? – TESTING for COVID-19

Let us help take the fear out of your testing for COVID-19

With the recent announcement that ANYONE presenting with possible COVID-19 symptoms including:

What to expect?

Our BURLEIGH COVE RESPIRATORY CLINIC is open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.⁠
By Appointment ONLY.

13/109 West Burleigh Road,
Burleigh Waters

You can make an appointment by calling 0410 83 1919 or on this website

Step 1 Self-Register your assessment online
Step 2 Book using HotDoc⁠
Step 3 Arrive at Clinic Stay in your car – our staff will call you to bring you in.⁠ ⁠
Step 4 Our nursing staff will open the front door for you and ask you our regulation questions.
Step 5 You will be guided into one of our testing booths by a nurse and asked another series of quick questions.
Step 6 One of our GP’s will come in and perform the testing process, swabs will be taken from the back of your throat and nose. (2 min max)
Step 7 You will be given an information sheet on how to self isolate and other information you may need and exit through the back door of our clinic.

The entire process should take between 5-10 mins.

Things to note: We have completely separate facilities to our other clinic in the centre with a segregated bathroom facility and a “no touch” policy on all surfaces (or staff open the door for you) the highest level of medical grade clean is done of all of our facilities every day!

If you have ANY questions or queries please call 0410 831 919 or visit our website.