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General Practice Medicine

The relationship between a doctor, nurse and you is a critical one for successful healthcare. Here at Medical on Robina, we believe we can instill confidence in you and your family. We want the very best wellness outcomes for you. We are proud that these professionals that have chosen Medical on Robina to work from. They each come with their own unique flair and finesse for the work they do and are embedded in their craft, continuously learning and honing skills.

Neurodiversity, ASD & ADHD

Dr. Bryce has developed further knowledge & skills in neurodiversity & assists in the management of ADHD/ASD & other neurodevelopmental conditions.
If you are unable to make an appointment with Dr Bryce, we have the wonderful Dr Lachlan Fieldhouse at Medical on Miami, who also see patients for neurodevelopmental conditions! Contact 07 5576 5832 or go to www.medicalonmiami.com.au

Juliet Laser Treatment

Dr Dona has experience in the transformative Juliet Laser treatment for vaginal health. This innovative procedure has been known to tighten the internal vaginal walls, or “rejuvenation”.
It also addresses specific functional changes, such as urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy & lubrication often lost at menopause or during chemotherapy.
Discover the comprehensive benefits of Juliet Laser, regain confidence & comfort in your intimate health. Schedule a consultation today!

Skin Cancer Clinic

It doesn't matter what part of the beautiful rainbow of colours your skin is, it needs to be checked like everything else. Wouldn’t it be great to be checked by someone who is professional and incredibly talented? Dr John Salkeld has a proud history of Skin Cancer diagnosis & management for over 30 years.

Cosmetic Injectables

Dr's Moni , Dona & Roxy have provided their clients with industry-leading products for many years.
Come visit Dr Moni , Dr Dona or Dr Roxy for a consultation on what's possible for you.

Maternity Ultrasound

Dr Moni offers maternity ultrasound for each pregnant person. For piece of mind (and maybe even just some lovely photos), make sure you mention or book in with Dr. Moni.

Pre-Employment Medicals

Medical Assessments are customised to suit the requirements of the job.
Call to speak with our Lead Nurse for a quote for your company today!


We're very fortunate to have an expert team of leading Physiotherapists in our rooms.
Each with outstanding histories and outcomes for patients, we know you'll be more than pleased with their services.


It's not all about the size and weight - it's also about nutrition and health for a long sustainable life. The world of carbs, proteins and fats is pretty confusing.
Make an appointment and have healthy eating as part of your lifestyle.


Podiatrists can diagnose & treat a wide range of conditions of the foot. These include foot injuries, sprains & strains, Plantar Fasciitis, inflammation due to arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes wounds, corns, foreign body removals, ingrown toenails & much more!

Home Visits

Home Visits are available for regular patients whose condition prevents them from attending the Medical Centre.
Please discuss fees and billing arrangements with your GP.


For the comfort & convenience of patients, we have Pathology onsite! The company offer a comprehensive suite of pathology tests, provided by their very own clinical support team. This ensures you & your Doctor have accurate, timely & appropriate results. Just another great reason to be here!


For the convenience of patients, we have a Pharmacy onsite. Located to the right of the practice entrance!


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