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After graduating top in school, Griffith University offered Dr Roxana an Academic Scholarship! She discovered her passion for medicine & completed her MBBS at the Gold Coast campus in 2012. She further trained at GCUH & Robina Hospital in many different fields, to gain more excellent experience. Dr Roxana’s special interests are Generalist Medicine, Women’s Health, cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatments, Chronic Disease Management & Paediatrics.
In her spare time, Roxana enjoys Latin dancing, stand up paddleboarding & spending time with her family. On weekends, the fee for under 16, Aged pensioners & Healthcare Cardholders is at a reduced rate.

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Dr Roxana Golusin
General Practitioner
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Uk born, Dr Hayer moved to the GC as a child & it has been home ever since!
Dr Hayer has been a Fellow of General Practitioners since 2013. He has worked as an MO at GCUH & Robina Hospital, gaining knowledge & experience in different medicines including Medicinal Cannabis Prescribing.
Dr Hayer likes to relax outdoors with his lovely wife & 2 children, enjoying the beach, scooter rides & all the new food venues. He's an avid CrossFitter, starting his morning with a gym session with friends.
Currently bulk billing children under 16, Aged pensioners & Healthcare Cardholders, excluding weekends. On weekends, the fee for under 16, Aged pensioners & Healthcare Cardholders is at a reduced rate.

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Dr Kulbir Hayer
General Practitioner & MCD
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Dr Ingrid Francis is a well-established Gold Coast GP, who loves providing comprehensive family health care for all ages & backgrounds.
Dr Ingrid provides share care antenatal services, aligned to the GCUH for many years. Her special interests include children’s health, women’s health, Mirena, Copper IUD & Implanon insertion, chronic disease management & travel medicine.

Dr Ingrid is also an accredited Yellow Fever vaccine provider.

Dr Ingrid Francis
General Practitioner

Dr Dona is a wonderful welcoming General Practitioner, with special interests in Women's health and subfertility.
Dr Dona enjoys seeing all patients, including children - having 3 of her very own!
Dr Dona is introducing the Juliet Laser in the next few weeks.

Watch this space!

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Dr Dona Hooshmand
General Practitioner & MCD
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Dr Bryce has a keen interest in MC Prescribing & has been prescribing to patients for nearly 4 years.
Dr Bryce also has developed further knowledge in neurodiversity & assists in the management of neurodevelopmental conditions.
Dr Bryce is a kind & compassionate doctor who takes time to understand his patients.
He enjoys his fields of interest & the diversity of General Practice
Dr Bryce is a husband, father of 2 & has a cavoodle & rescue horse! He enjoys AFL, NFL & playing soccer.

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Dr Bryce Joynson
General Practitioner & MCD & MCD
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Dr Leesa Paki is a warm and sweet-spirited doctor. Always calm and extremely clever, Dr Leesa has loved the warm shores of the Gold Coast for many years, making it her home with her family.
She’s shreds on the snowboarding slopes of Japan and NZ as well!
As a GP, Dr Leesa enjoys the wide range of services to offer her patients.

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Dr Leesa Paki
General Practitioner
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‘Truely listening to patients’ concerns is the key to a successful consultation’, says Dr Rick
He discusses all available options & asks his patients to play an active part in their health.
Dr Rick holds Primary Care Certificates in Skin Cancer Medicine & Skin Cancer Surgery. He is currently completing his Masters in Skin Cancer Medicine through UQ.
Dr Rick plays golf, mountain bikes & spends time with his wife, two children & family dog, Jessie.
Currently bulk billing Under 16's, Aged Pensioners & Healthcare Card Holders.

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Dr Rick Serfontein
General Practitioner & Skin Cancer Management
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Originally from NZ, Dr Ben is a Specialist GP who grew up surrounded by a family of medical professionals. Dr Ben has extensive knowledge in GP, Emergency Medicine, & Sports Medicine. He has a vast experience with Professional & Olympic athletics of NZ & Australia. Recently he has been involved with lecturing & product development in the CBD space, including founding Cannabis Doctors Australia.
Outside of medicine he has a passion for SLSC, surfing, physics, giving his wife kisses & teaching his kids new tricks.

Dr Ben Jansen
General Practitioner & MCD

Dr John will be commencing his practice here at Medical on Robina, from the 3rd of January 2024!

Watch this space ...

Dr John Salkeld
Skin Cancer Management ONLY

As Medical Director for Medical on Robina, Dr Jane is proud to welcome you!
Dr Jane is a kind-hearted, straight-forward, empathetic doctor, has enjoyed the warm shores of the Gold Coast for many years, making it her home with her family.
As a GP, Jane enjoys the wide range of services to offer her patients.

Meet Me

Dr Jane Wehipeihana
Medical Director
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Practicing in Burleigh since 1997 Dr Mark Spanner is a Fellow of the RACGP. Dr Mark plays an active role in educating medical students and doctors specialising in family medicine.
Dr Mark has great interest in all aspects of family medicine including Adult Healthcare, Pediatrics and Obstetrics.
An avid fisherman, Dr Mark runs with the Canadian salmon each year.

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Dr Mark Spanner
General Practitioner
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"I feel so blessed to be part of all aspects of my patients’ lives...from managing pregnancies, baby checks, immunisations, kids cuddles (that one is easy), injuries, sexual health, illness, mental health and aging (and all that means)...
My goal is to communicate clearly and work with you to make shared decisions about your health. Understanding your health is integral to living a quality life. I want you to be as passionate about it as me!"

Meet Me

Dr Moni Brunt-Mackenzie
General Practitioner
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Private Midwifery

Nic is a Registered & Endorsed Private Midwife, offering a unique approach towards Women’s Centred care throughout pre-natal & post-natal journeys. Nic has an exceptional background of knowledge & achievements including almost 20 years of Midwifery. Nic is an Antenatal Educator, an Accredited Cord Blood Stem Cell Collector for Cell Care Australia, & a qualified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.
Nic is a strong advocate for the Continuity of Midwifery Care model for all new & existing parents, helping to empower them through their exciting childbirth journey.
Outside of work, Nic is a proud single Mum to her 15-year-old son with autism & a crazy ragdoll cat!

Nic Cognet
Reg & Endorsed Midwife

Paediatric Works

Alicia is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist, completing a Masters from Griffith University. Alicia is passionate about empowering children & families to achieve their goals. She can work with a range of age groups in speech & language, literacy, fluency, social communication & feeding. Alicia’s interests include awareness & early intervention, children from multi-lingual backgrounds, & complex speech presentations. Alicia’s certifications include Key Word Sign, Prompts for Restructuring Oral Motor Phonetic Targets (PROMPT), Learn to Play & Lidcombe Program.
In her free time, Alicia can be found seeking out adventures with her husband & three children while hiking, paddle boarding & running.

Alicia Easton
Paediatric Speech Pathologist

Abby Spanner is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, treating people 0-25 years.
Originally from the Gold Coast, Abby is trained in a paediatric setting, which includes mental health and rehabilitation. Abby includes a range of diagnoses: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Cerebral Palsy Intellectual Disabilities, behavioural concerns, ADHD, OCD, ODD, learning & social skills delay & more. She has also been trained in “Learn to Play” by Karen Stagnitti and DIR-Floortime.

Abby Spanner
Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Hayley is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist joining the team at Creative Minds Therapy at Medical on Robina.
Hayley works with children & adolescents with a variety of diagnoses, including ASD, ADHD, Global Developmental Delay & mental health conditions. She enjoys becoming a part of the lives of the children & families she works with by supporting them on a path to self-acceptance & understanding their strengths. Hayley is particularly interested in primitive reflex integration, early development & sensory modulation.
In her spare time you will find Hayley discovering new hobbies & ways to be creative, spending time in the sun with family & friends.

Hayley Littlejohns
Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Michaela’s experience in Paediatric dietetics includes inpatient wards, as well as general & disease-specific outpatient paediatric & adult clinics. She has worked with all ages, from newborns to adults. Michaela has obtained a Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition through Royal Children’s Hospital (Mel), & is trained in the ‘SOS’ approach to feeding. She has also undertaken further professional development in disability-specific dietetic practices. Michaela has a strong interest in working with children & adults who have suspected or diagnosed Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). Michaela has extensive knowledge in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & Sensory Feeding Difficulties, Faltering Growth, Allergy Management, Weight Management, & Iron Deficiency.

Michaela Gold
Paediatric Dietitian

Hi! My name is Kora & I am 1 years old. I am a Labrador X Golden Retriever. My Mum was so lucky to take me home in April 2022 where I live happily on the Gold Coast. Paediatric OT Abby (my Mum), and I have been training for 6 months to become a certified Therapy Dog. I have extensive training to be able to be an appropriate & well-mannered therapy dog. I love playing with little people & making lives a whole lot better. I am well known for my high motivation, play skills & golden fluffy ears.
I look forward to meeting you soon in a session with my mum at Medical on Robina!

Therapy Dog

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

Joshua Noble has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland.
He has extensive experience in both orthopaedics, private practice and as a Sports Physiotherapist.
He is currently the Senior Physiotherapist for the Burleigh Bears Rugby League Club and is an accredited ASCA Level 1 Coach and clinical Pilates Instructor.
He has a particular interest in endurance sport athletes and occupational physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Meet Me

Josh Noble
More about me

Originally from the UK, Jake obtained Bachelor of Osteopathy at SCU on the Gold Coast.
He combines a hands-on approach in joint manipulation, mobilization, muscle energy technique, & myofascial release with exercise therapy for the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.
Jake has a particular interest in back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain & hip pain.
When not at work you’ll find Jake at the gym, farmers markets, & enjoying good coffee.

Jake Martin


Christiana works with people with a wide range of concerns, she has specialised interest & training in Mood Disorders, Anxiety & Stress, Depression, Grief & Loss, Addictions & substance abuse. Her chosen modalities include Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & Interpersonal Therapy (IPT). Christiana uses a holistic view to psychology, the ethos being that our brains are changeable (neuroplasticity). Christiana believes with the right guidance it is possible to change even the most entrenched core beliefs & maladaptive coping strategies we have acquired over our lifetime to ensure healthier happier lives.

Christiana Little

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Educated in Rapid Transformational Therapy under world-renowned Marisa Peer, Natalie is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with clients on changing the mindset around trauma, anxiety, depression as well as fears/phobias & weight issues.
Natalie spends her downtime walking along the beach, drinking lattes & playing with the crazy Frenchies, Frankie & Meatball.

Natalie McLean
Clinical Hypnotherapist


Katie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist. She has a passion for assisting people in achieving improved health outcomes & enjoys seeing them reach their goals. Katie is experienced in diabetes, fertility nutrition, cardiovascular disease, weight management, food allergy & intolerance, & gastrointestinal disorders. Katie is a certified Fertility Dietitian and can assist people trying to conceive to improve their chances of a healthy pregnancy. She has completed the Sports Nutrition course with the Australian Institute of Sport & National Pediatric Dietetic Training with the Dietitian's Association of Australia. Katie supports her patients by promoting successful, sustainable health through individualized dietary plans & solutions.

Katie Harris

Kirsten has a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics & a Post-Graduate in Diabetes Education.
She has a passion for assisting patients in achieving improved health outcomes & enjoys seeing them reach their nutritional goals.
Kirsten's areas of interest are looking at food for it's nutritional value & people needing help to understand the disease of diabetes, & how foods make a huge impact in their everyday.

Kirsten Darlow


Nelson graduated from La Trobe University in 2014 with a Masters of Podiatry and has worked in a variety of health settings. His main area of focus is sports podiatry, but enjoys all aspects of feet! Nelson is also currently studying to complete his Endorsement for Scheduled Medicines.⁠ ⁠

Nelson Pollard

Originally from Ireland, Jarlath moved to Australia over 8 years ago! He is an AHPRA registered Podiatrist, passionate about helping people walk, run & move without pain.
Adept at treating a variety of conditions, Jarlath has keen interest in heel pain, running related injuries & nail surgery for chronic ingrown toenails. Jarlath feels very privileged to call the GC home, & enjoys everything it has to offer from the pristine beaches to beautiful bush walking trails. He is a strong advocate for keeping the lower limbs strong & resilient by engaging in regular strength training, whilst being a self-confessed running-shoe geek!

Jarlath O'Neill

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