Christiana Little – Psychologist


Christiana works with adults only and has a holistic approach to psychology with emphasis on the all-important mind-body connection. One doesn’t function without the other. She works with ALL clinical presentations with a specific focus on Neuroplasticity, the wiring of our neural pathways in our brain – how we became who we are.

The key to any perception and behaviour change is knowing how we were shaped by genetics and our environment. Understanding ourselves is the first step to making changes.

ADHD, ASD etc. are part of who we are and Trauma, Depression and Anxiety etc. are part of life. We are shaped by our experiences while the brain’s neural connections developed from birth into adulthood.
Brain plasticity means our brains are changeable. Even the most entrenched negative core beliefs, habits and maladaptive coping mechanisms (anger, aggression, addictions, co-dependency etc) can be changed with specific treatment approaches incorporating Cognitive Restructuring (CBT) and Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) alongside Acceptance and Commitment Therapy strategies (ACT) tailored to each individual’s needs.

A bit of background:

Christiana has a background in family law and mediation and has worked with QLD Police, DV and Sexual Violence, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, in High Schools as a school psychologist, in Corporate Organisations, Holistic Cancer Support clinics, Pain Management, Weight Loss Clinics conducting clinical assessments for eating disorders before and after bariatric (weight loss) surgery and in Private Practice.
Christiana is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Christiana is a mother and stepmother of five and has a lively bunch of eight grandchildren. She says “For protection of my own neural pathways” 😊 you find her walking Burleigh Beach early mornings, yoga in the evenings and cooking, gardening, babysitting and baking German cakes on the weekend.

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